Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun Run Race Report

Sarah Jane Did It! She ran one mile in 13 minutes & 45 seconds. She would run for a little while and the walk for a little bit. I'm very proud of her. That's a long way to go when you four years old. She was number 218 & I was number 217. It was a great Fall day to be outside running. The air was just cool enough but not too cold. There was a marching band at the start/finish line to give it some atmosphere. Sarah Jane had a ball dancing to the band and cheering on the 5K runners. I wished we could have been able to stay longer and let Sarah Jane play at the park but Mom & Dad had lots to do before tonight. Congratulations SJ!

Her Momma took some great pictures of the event that I put in this video. The song in the background is 'Long May You Run' by Neil Young. I thought it was a good fit. Enjoy!

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